James Holmes' Lawyer Issues Subpoena to Fox Reporter Leaking Notebook

Public defender Daniel King asks Fox reporter Jana Winter to disclose her sources

New developments in the Aurora, Colorado shooting case are making headlines, as the defense attorney is planning to bring a new witness to the stand.

James Holmes was seen by several witnesses walking into a movie theater in Aurora, dressed as the "Joker," and opening fire in the cinema. 12 people lost their lives and several others were injured during the shooting, in July.

Holmes' public defender Daniel King is issuing a subpoena to Fox Reporter Jana Winter, who leaked news about Holmes' disturbing notebook.

The Aurora shooter allegedly showed his psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, a notebook containing the expression of his dark thoughts prior to Aurora.

The contents of his notebook have not been revealed to this point, but it is said they contain written descriptions of his intentions and burned paper money.

As Fox News speculated that the Aurora massacre could have been foreseen by whoever read Holmes's entries, his attorney plans to ask Mrs. Winter where she obtained the information from, the Examiner reports.

King argues that Winter getting ahold of the notebook was in strict violation of a gag order imposed by Arapahoe County District Judge William Sylvester, on police officers working the case.

However, she claims a source in law enforcement provided her the information. So far, each of the officers involved have denied being the leak.

“The attorneys made the statement toward the end of a court hearing Monday [Dec. 10, 2012] after nine different law enforcement officials denied being the ones to tell reporter Jana Winter about the notebook.

“The defense argues the disclosure was a violation of a gag order in the case and is seeking sanctions against the leaker,” the Huffington Post reports.

Fox network respond that they have not received any subpoena yet and, if they do, it will be evaluated.

“We have not received a subpoena on Jana Winter's behalf and will evaluate once we do,” a Fox News rep says.

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