James Franco Wrote a Poem for Barack Obama – Video

Actor recites “Obama in Asheville,” video goes viral

Fans of actor James Franco may also know of his literary aspirations: he’s already published a book of poems and one of short stories, and is now getting ready for a new release. So it only made sense to have him write a poem for the Obama Inauguration 2013 as well.

Check out the video below to hear him recite it.

The poem was commissioned by the people at Yahoo!, so I assume Franco wrote specifically for the occasion.

It’s called “Obama in Asheville” and, if one is to believe what people are saying online about it, it’s a pile of pretentious gibberish, to put it delicately.

You don’t have to take them at their word though: below is a video of Franco reciting his own work, while the print version of the poem can be found here.

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