James Franco Admits He’s a Fraud to Stephen Colbert – Video

Star promotes “Oz,” goes head to head with Colbert in funny interview

These days, it seems that there’s nothing James Franco can’t do. His credits include film star, director, poet, writer, student and teacher, and he’s getting ready to go into theater as well – so all this is making Stephen Colbert wonder out loud whether he’s not a fraud.

Franco was invited on The Colbert Report to promote his latest film, the Disney-made “Oz the Great and the Powerful,” when Colbert started grilling him about the possibility he might be a fraud just like the character he’s playing onscreen.

Check it out in the video below.

“He's something like you. He's a Renaissance man, you're a Renaissance man. Are you also a fraud?” Colbert asks, putting on his serious face.

“I am a fraud! This is an act,” Franco responded, laughing.


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