Jalyessa Walker Breaks Record with 49 Backflips Across Football Field

Watch the soldier and former cheerleader destroy the former record of 35 flips

This video, captured during halftime at a University of Texas at El Paso game against Rice shows a soldier breaking the world record for most backflips.

Jalyessa Walker performs 49 consecutive flips across the football field. She does so in front of the 20,400 fans at the game, according to Daily Mail.

23-year-old Walker is very confident, and doesn't look like she is about to stop. A former UTEP cheerleader, who graduated last year, she had set her goal to 50 back-flips, but the field came to an end and she confessed she was scared of falling on the concrete.

Even so, she beat out the last holder of the Guinness World Record, Dallas high school cheerleader Miranda Ferguson of St. Mark's, in Texas. She had previously achieved an astounding 35 flips.

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