Jake Tapper Leaves ABC, Moves to CNN

Starting 2013, Tapper will be CNN’s chief Washington correspondent

Jake Tapper has been ABC’s chief White House correspondent since 2008 but, starting with 2013, he will call CNN his brand new home. Confirmation of Tapper’s departure has already been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier this week, ABC News president Ben Sherwood sent out an email to ABC staffers to announce the promotion of Jonathan Karl to the position occupied until then by Tapper.

The moment word of the email got out online, clarification was necessary.

It’s true, Tapper is leaving ABC and going to CNN, where he will be the network’s chief Washington correspondent starting next year.

“For years, Jake has set the pace for the White House press corps. A ferocious reporter – and now a best-selling author – he has built a reputation as one of the most prolific and multi-talented journalists on the beat, scoring scoop after scoop,” Sherwood says.

Tapper will also get a weekday program on CNN.

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