Jackson 5 Reunion Concert Set for 2010

Organizers confirm the one-night special with Michael Jackson is a go

Following a couple of weeks of indecision and the looming threat of yet another lawsuit for Michael Jackson, TMZ is able to confirm that the highly mediated Jackson 5 reunion concert is set for 2010. While organizers AllGood Entertainment are not yet ready to offer more details on the once in a lifetime type of event, they have confirmed for the aforementioned publication that Michael is on board with the gig.

Talk of a Jackson 5 reunion first began in early May, when Patrick Allocco of AllGood told the media Michael had agreed to the concert through his manager, who had signed the papers on his behalf. However, a clause in the contract also had it that Michael was not allowed to agree to any other concert for the following 18 months, presumably to have enough time to prepare for the reunion show, a condition he clearly failed to comply with when he agreed to do “This Is It” at London’s O2 Arena with AEG Live.

Yesterday, Michael Jackson told a paparazzo that he would do both “This Is It” and the reunion concert without a single trace of doubt. Hours later, Allocco was saying for TMZ that he was still determined to sue the singer for breach of contract, since he had not yet received an answer from him. After a couple of more hours, Allocco released an official statement clearly saying that Michael was on board for the 2010 reunion, albeit not in precisely these words.

“Let me say this as clearly and unequivocally as I possibly can... I have spoken with Michael Jackson and I believe that he is an honorable man. A man of his word. I look forward to working with him and his entire family on the historic show we have been planning for more than a year.” Allocco said in the statement released to TMZ. As it can be easily noted, he doesn’t say that Michael has agreed to the reunion, at least not in so many words, but given that, only days ago, he was bitterly threatening to sue, the “looking forward to working with him” part can be seen as the closest thing to a confirmation possible.

As we also reported, Michael, Janet and the Jackson brothers will get together for a one-night performance. Michael will reportedly receive a $3 million check for his appearance, Janet will be paid $1 million, whereas the brothers will get half a million in between them. For more on this special reunion gig, do keep an eye on this space.

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