JWoww Gets into Wrestling for One Night

Jeni “JWoww” Farley of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” continues to capitalize on her fame from the reality show, signing a very lucrative deal for a one-night wrestling event.

Not only is JWoww about to do a spread for the biggest and most popular men’s magazine around, but she’s also landing several other endorsement deals, including for bronzer.

Now, she’s been approached by Spike TV to do a one-time wrestling event – but it won’t be for free, of course, TMZ has learned.

“If JWoww is looking for a fight... JWoww is gonna get a fight – TMZ has learned the Jersey Shore starlet has just signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling,” TMZ reports.

“Sources close to the deal tell us JWoww – real name Jenni Farley – just signed a one-night deal to appear on Spike TV’s ‘TNA impact!’ on Thursday,” the same outlet says.

Further details have not yet been made public but will probably be revealed in due time – granted the report is accurate in the first place.

“We’re told JWoww doesn’t have a match scheduled... but she’ll ‘probably be mixing it up’ with a couple of Jersey Shore-alike wrestlers named Robbie E. and Cookie,” TMZ says.

“But JWoww ain’t doin’ the wrestling thing for free – we’re told she’s pulling in a cool $15 grand for the night... and the two sides are working out a deal to get her to come back to the show,” the same report further reads.

This upcoming wrestling match could also be the reason why JWoww has been training so hard in recent months, having lost an estimated 20 pounds in just 3 months, as we also informed you a few days ago.

Reports initially said that she was getting in shape for the upcoming spread (for which she’s believed to get about $400,000), but the upcoming event could also explain why she’s suddenly so keen on being in the best shape possible.

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