J.R. Ewing’s Funeral Will Air on TNT’s “Dallas”

Larry Hagman’s iconic villain will get a proper farewell on the show

Larry Hagman played one of the most iconic villains ever to grace the small screen, so it’s only befitting for his J.R. Ewing to get a proper farewell on the new “Dallas” as well. TNT has just confirmed that his funeral will be included in the new season.

The legendary actor reprised his J.R. role from the original “Dallas” series on the new, modern version now airing on TNT.

He died in November, losing his courageous battle with cancer.

“TNT network begins the second season of its Dallas revival next month. The network said Tuesday that it will hold a funeral for Larry Hagman's memorable character at some point in the 15-episode season but that it hasn't been filmed or scheduled yet,” the Daily Mail confirms.

Further details were not released but, all things considered, it is probably absurd to expect more before the episode in question airs.

In the meantime, above is the TNT tribute for Larry Hagman and his truly iconic character.

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