J.J. Abrams Screens Full “Star Trek Into Darkness” Film for Dying Fan

Wife of terminally ill Daniel thanks all those who made this possible

In the final days of 2012, one story in particular got plenty of media attention: that of Daniel, a Star Trek fan dying of cancer whose last wish was to see J.J. Abrams’ latest movie before his time was up. The director has granted his wish.

As I also reported at the time, Daniel and his wife’s friends started a campaign on Reddit to help him see the 9-minute prolog of “Star Trek Into Darkness” that ran ahead of “The Hobbit.”

Abrams got wind of Daniel’s touching story and promised he would screen it for him, if not actually the entire movie.

That he did, Daniel’s wife says in an update to the original post.

“Hi everyone, it's Daniel's wife, we are of course sworn to secrecy, BUT we are officially allowed to say we saw it and we enjoyed it IMMENSELY as a film and as a gesture....” Daniel’s wife writes.

She also praises Abrams for granting Daniel this one last wish, especially since he has a reputation for being very secretive about his projects ahead of their official release.

Because Daniel doesn’t want to be “an inspiring cancer story,” they want the world to focus on Abrams’ kind gesture and how the community worked together to grant a dying man his biggest wish, while also bringing a huge smile on the lips of all those around him.

“This is also so poignant as JJ Abrams took so much care in the first Star Trek movie to at least TRY to get everything ‘right’ for the fans and we were so touched when he was concerned that we wouldn't 100% enjoy the screening as it's still being worked on....... Be assured we enjoyed it 110%!” Daniel’s wife writes.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” won’t be out until May.

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