It’s Official: Nokia Lumia 920 Coming to Vodafone UK

The carrier has just confirmed it would offer the smartphone in early 2013

Everything Everywhere (EE) is the exclusive seller for Nokia Lumia 920 in the UK. However, as we reported a few weeks ago, the exclusivity period is expected to end this year.

That means that Lumia 920 will be available from other carriers as well. Sadly, this is not Nokia’s main problem, but the low supply of Lumia 920 units.

The phone is already sold out at most operators that signed exclusivity agreements with the Finnish company, so even if they have exclusivity over the Lumia 920 for 1-3 months they cannot sell anything due to lack of stock.

Anyway, Vodafone UK thinks it can do better and announced that it would offer the Nokia Lumia 920 beginning early 2013.

However, the carrier notes that “being able to stock the Nokia Lumia 920 is a real boon,” so it’s too early to say that Vodafone UK will launch the smartphone on a certain date.

The UK-based carrier previously confirmed it would sell three Windows Phone 8 devices: Nokia Lumia 820, HTC 8X and HTC 8S. Even though no exact release dates have been announced, Vodafone UK states the following:

“We’re working harder than Santa’s elves to make sure that these new Windows Phone 8 dream machines are perfect by the time they land in your pockets. At the moment, that means we’re saying that all four of our Windows Phone 8 phones will arrive in the early stages of next year, but keep your eyes locked to Vodafone Social for a more precise release date, which we’ll bring you as soon as we possibly can.”

Obviously, no pricing options are available yet for the Vodafone Lumia 920, but it’s likely to be free on 24-month contracts.

Although the carrier confirms all four Windows Phone 8 will be up for sale in early 2013, more details on their availability and pricing options will probably be issued by the end of the year.

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