“It's Global Warming, Stupid,” Reads Businessweek's New Cover

The blunt, straightforward message caused a media stir, got applauded by environmentalists

Most researchers and scientists tend to beat about the bush when it comes to summing up an idea in a single, straightforward sentence. 

However, Bloomberg Businessweek's new cover does not shy away from calling things by their name.

“It's Global Warming, Stupid” reads this particular cover, which many regard as this year's best.

Needless to say, the message is all about hurricane Sandy, its devastating effects on the US East Coast, and about how climate change and global warming fueled its aggressiveness.

As one Bloomberg Businessweek reporter puts it, we are basically dealing with “weather on steroids.”

Thus, storms might not have been all that pleasant or people-friendly in the past, but global warming makes them even more terrifying and destructive than they used to be.

Kudos to this cover, which sums things up just about right.

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