"It's Outrageous!" Time: iSing, You Sing, Everybody Dance!

The brand new MP3 karaoke device is already being marketed

Can't dance, can't act, can sing a little? Then check this out! I guess you've noticed the MP3 invasion around you. They are everywhere. Thanks to the low cost and to the high convenience of the MP3 players, everybody buys them. Not to mention the significant improvement in the MP3 player's industry, once the heavy companies have adopted advanced user-friendly softwares, that offers the user not only listening sessions, but also real music-making ones.

Regarding the music devices, it seems that the fellows from Outrageous, one of the entertainment and consumers products companies in the US has found the perfect solution to combine the karaoke phenomenon with the pleasure of listening to your favorite music, making the audio experience even more intense.

The company was founded in 1998 and its products are now highly recommended by important retailers such as Target, Toy''R''Us, Wal-Mart and more.

Its latest release, the iSing is an MP3 player than has the ability to digitally cancel the original artist's vocal on almost any kind of track. The device can display the song lyrics and it can record the user's own vocals over the instrumental tracks, with a single touch of a button.

As it was created to become a popular gizmo among the teenagers and young music fans, the device sports a childproof casing and an attractive funky design.

Furthermore, the iSing from "It's outrageous" is considered to be a cool step forward in the karaoke industry. There seems to be no better way to sing along with your favorite singer/band than using this portable device that can turn any music track into a vocal-free karaoke track. It even allows the kids to record their own version of the song, so they can learn to sing, from early ages.

The process of recording the latest smashing hit with your voice instead of the lead vocal's one is quite simple. You just have to obtain an MP3 of the song, to type the song's lyrics yourself into the included Lyrics Creator software, and then to effortlessly transfer the tune to your iSing device. It has an incorporated microphone that helps you record the voice and even a built-in speaker that allows content sharing with the loved ones.

Of course, for the ones that don't want to be laughed at, there is a headphone jack. And don't worry, the engineers have adjusted the sound level for kids. The iSing features 512MB of memory SD expansion slot for an extra 2 GB storage capacity, or else, for 500 more songs as 10 hours of playback time. As expected, the player works with a rechargeable battery.

But the best part of all: it cost only 120 bucks!

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