It's Easier to Develop for the Xbox 360 than for the PlayStation 3

Says Square Enix game director

We've talked quite a lot about The Last Remnant during the recent weeks. First, we received word that the Xbox 360 version of the game would get some pretty substantial downloadable content and just a few days ago, we reported on the release date for the PC version of the Square Enix developed role playing title. Its director, Hiroshi Takai, talked about the experience of creating a game with the Xbox 360 as the main platform.

In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine in the United Kingdom, he commented on both working with the Unreal 3 Engine and on creating a game with the Microsoft gaming console in mind.

He stated that “In both cases the experience has been a positive one. In fact, as we've only just finished work on Last Remnant, I don't even know what my next project is going to be at Square Enix. However, I'm very much hoping it'll be for Xbox 360, as it's been a lot easier to work with than PlayStation 3”.

Square Enix has been more interested in developing for the PlayStation 3 from Sony than for the Microsoft made Xbox 360. The idea is that the PS3 was more “Japanese” in its design and that the company was more interested in Eastern gamers.

With the overall success of the Final Fantasy series, the company is now thinking of shifting its attention to Western markets, where the Xbox 360 is more popular than the PS3.

Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean have already arrived on the Microsoft gaming console and, at this year's E3 trade show, the Redmond giant’s big announcement was the fact that the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII, due for 2009, would not longer be a PlayStation 3 exclusive but a multi platform title.

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