Israeli Officials: 44 Million Hacking Attempts Recorded, Only One Successful

The country claims its cyber defense systems can handle it

Israel has been hit by an impressive number of cyberattacks since it began its airstrikes against Palestinian territories. However, the country’s officials say that only one of them has been successful.

According to Al Arabiya, Israel’s finance minister claims that although 44 million hacking attempts have been recorded against government systems, only one attack has managed to cause damage.

He revealed that in the past days only one website was disrupted for around 10 minutes.

The hacktivists’ target list includes the sites of the presidency, the prime minister, several ministries and ones operated by the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

Officials claim that the cyberattacks have been unsuccessful because of the efficient cyber security mechanisms deployed by the government in recent years.

Over the past days, the number of attacks has increased considerably compared to regular days. However, Israel is confident that its systems can handle almost anything hackers can throw at them.

In the meantime, hacktivists from all around the world continue to deface commercial websites. Some Anonymous members have also leaked a document apparently containing the details of 5,000 Israeli officials.

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