Israeli Hackers Strike Back, Leak Credit Card Data from Palestinian ISP Palnet

The details of several hundred individuals posted online by Yourikan

Hacktivists from all around the world are focusing their efforts against Israeli websites in OpIsrael, but their actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Some Israeli hackers have started hacking Palestinian sites as a form of protest against the missiles launched by the country.

One of them is Yourikan, who claims to have breached the systems of Palnet (, one of Palestine’s largest Internet service providers (ISP).

The hacker has published a document containing the names, credit card numbers, expiry dates, and Visa UIDs of several hundred individuals. The information has been allegedly stolen from the databases of Palnet.

The hacker has told Cyber War News that this represents his reaction to the “latest terror” caused by Palestinian missiles and cyberattacks against Israel.

“Say no to Palestine! Say no to terror!” the hacker said.

Yourikan is mostly known for his campaign against Iranian websites.

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