Israel and Palestine Stop Attacks but Cyber Operations May Continue, Experts Warn

Even amateur cybercriminals can be troublesome if they're not taken seriously

Israel and the Palestinian Hamas have stopped attacking each other, both sides agreeing to put an end to the violence and hostilities. However, experts warn that there’s no guarantee cyberattacks will stop as well.

Although things have cooled down a bit in OpIsrael, the hackers haven’t signed any ceasefire agreement, Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research, highlights.

“At some point, it may take an all out offensive to take down the cyber-attackers. Some of them may be more dangerous than others,” she explained.

“But just as relative amateurs wreaked havoc on a region by launching inaccurate missiles out of the Gaza Strip, even amateur cyberattackers create enough noise to be at best troublesome and at worst dangerous.”

The expert believes that organizations shouldn’t let their guard down just yet.

Furthermore, Litan emphasizes that although the attacks against US banks have faded in the background in the recent period, organizations should still focus on implementing efficient security monitoring and fraud prevention systems.

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