Israel Offers New Solutions for Monitoring Pipe Leakages

Water loss soon to be a thing of the past, thanks to innovative monitoring devices

According to people working in the water-supply industry, considerable amounts of water are lost on a daily basis as a result of pipe leakage and improper flow. Thus, water companies are forced to invest in trying to find solutions to these problems.

Quite often, the monitoring devices they find themselves having to use are either dependent on electricity, or are powered by batteries, which makes them both not very environmentally friendly and quite difficult to replace when broken, as water networks usually need to be shut down for such operations to be carried out.

Hydrospin, an Israeli company founded in 2010, recently came up with a very simple and revolutionary idea to help monitor leaking pipes.

Thus, Dani Peleg, one of the founders of HydroSpin, succeeded in developing a new type of generators that use the flow of water inside pipes to create electricity and power sensors and devices meant to record and report how well a given water network is doing. argues that one of the major advantages posed by these generators is that they can be positioned at any given point within the water network.

Therefore, company engineers can install monitoring sensors and devices in those places where they believe they are most needed, and not only in places where they have access to electricity sources.

As well as this, the amount of data these monitoring sensors and devices can send back to the main-base is no longer dependent on the capacity or life-span of your so-yesterday batteries.

Apparently, the only major drawback is that, by comparison with regular battery systems, the HydroSpin generators are quite expensive when first purchased and installed.

However, in the long run, this new technology promises to give you your money's worth and even help you make considerable economies, as funds will no longer be needed to replace used and abused batteries.

For the time being, experiments with these generators are only carried out in the Israeli regions of Raanana and Kibbutz Lavi, but expectations are high and perhaps soon enough HydroSpin's eco-gadgets will be available to all companies in the businesses of water supply.

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