Islamic Jihad Uses Leaked Email Addresses to Threaten Israeli Officials

“Gaza will be the graveyard of your soldiers,” they wrote

On Monday, we learned that some Anonymous hackers leaked the details of 5,000 Israeli officials. It’s uncertain if the hacktivists were the first to obtain the list, but it turns out that it has been put to good use by members of the Islamic Jihad militant organization.

The group, sponsored by Iran and labeled as terrorist by many countries, used the leaked email addresses to threaten Israeli military and government officials.

According to WND, the emails read: “Gaza will be the graveyard of your soldiers and Tel Aviv will be a ball of fire.”

In the meantime, Israel’s cyberspace is invaded by hackers from all over the world. The country’s officials reveal that they’ve successfully dealt with 44 million hack attempts.

While the government boasts about its ability to protect its own networks, not the same thing can be said of commercial websites. Hacktivists have managed to breach numerous websites, including the ones of Coca Cola, the BBC, and several Microsoft sites.

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