Isaac Clarke Might Not Be Part of Dead Space Future, According to Developer

The team has more stories to tell with a focus on horror

John Calhoun, an associate producer working on Dead Space 3 at Visceral Games, has suggested that while his team wants to create more titles in the Dead Space universe, main character Isaac Clarke might not feature in future content.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation Blog, the developer answers a query from a fan by saying, “If you’re fishing for spoilers, you won’t get them from us!”

He adds, “We’re staying focused right now to make sure Dead Space 3 is the best game it can possibly be at launch. And while there is a lot more story to tell in the Dead Space universe, we can’t reveal what this may or may not mean for Isaac.”

Isaac Clarke was introduced in the first Dead Space title, back in 2008, as a lowly engineer that was thrust into the spotlight while exploring an abandoned planet cracker vessel only to be forced to fight the deadly and alien Necromorphs.

The character was described as an everyman thrown in the middle of a story that tested his inner strength and his abilities. But as the series progresses, gamers learn more about Clarke and about his own demons.

As Dead Space evolves, the engineer also upgrades his fighting capabilities and in the most recent title in the series, he can roll and use cover in order to deal with newly introduced human enemies.

Dead Space has started out emphasizing the horror element, with numerous scares and a focus on the psychological terror that aliens can inflict.

Gradually, the focus has moved towards action set-pieces and Dead Space 3 introduces a cooperative play partner named Carver.

The development team might be thinking of dropping Isaac Clarke as a character in order to have more freedom when it comes to the stories that they can create and deliver to players.

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