Is the Start Menu the Only Way to Save Windows 9? Users Believe It Is

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a Start Menu for the next Windows version

Even though Microsoft is getting ready to introduce a brand new update for Windows, all eyes are actually on a feature that Redmond might re-introduce in a future version of its flagship operating system.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Microsoft is working to bring back the Start Menu in Windows, pretty much because its absence made the operating system confusing and difficult to use for many adopters.

Microsoft’s decision pretty much makes sense and it’s indeed based on customer feedback pretty much because the company had no other option than to listen to what users have to say in order to improve the platform.

Even though it seems to be such a minor feature, the lack of a Start button and a Start Menu has dramatically affected sales of Windows 8, so Microsoft wants to avoid doing the same mistake by bringing back this feature in the near future.

It turns out that the Start Menu is internally called “mini-Start” and relies on a rather minimal design with a very simple layout, just to make sure that users manage to get around it fast and easy. It would only be offered on desktops versions of Windows, as tablet users don’t really need such a feature since they stick to the Modern UI most of the time.

Since so many people criticized Windows 8 for the lack of a Start Menu, it’s only natural to expect them to applaud Microsoft for bringing back the feature in Windows 9, so such a change would clearly boost the consumer appeal of the future OS version.

The Start Menu is expected to return in Windows 9 in a basic form that would allow users to quickly launch apps
The Start Menu is expected to return in Windows 9 in a basic form that would allow users to quickly launch apps

But users don’t necessarily need a Start Menu, but a more familiar interface that would allow them to get stuff done without the need for learning new things. Many of our visitors told us that an UI based on the one available on Windows XP, but improved with modern elements would do the job, but chances are that Microsoft will stick to its existing design.

Windows XP will go dark on April 8 and since Microsoft is working really hard to move users from it, do not expect the company to develop a new product that reminds of the ancient operating system.


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