Is Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Gay?

Back in 1997 Square-Enix's hero was dressing up like a woman

Yeah, I'm talking about the main character from the most famous Final Fantasy title in the series, Final Fantasy VII. His name is Cloud Strife and he has become an idol over the past years, as the original game received tons of sequels and even a movie follow-up. He seemed the perfect tough guy in the Advent Children movie, with all that fancy swordplay and the kickass fighting sequence with Sephiroth in the end. However, many of you fans of the movie, might not know that back in 1997, in the Final Fantasy VII game, Cloud had to perform a rather unusual task.

He had to dress up like a woman to infiltrate a brothel and squeeze some information from its owner. I'm talking about a full dress-up with red lipstick, bikini thongs, a huge blonde wig and of course perfume and a beautiful dress. The funny thing is that Cloud had to go through some unorthodox challenges to get those items. One of them had our blond hero hitting on a couple of men and even bathing with them. If I'm not mistaking and my memory never fails me when I'm talking about Final Fantasy, those men even caressed Cloud. Still we can only suppose that there was some sort of physical interaction between them, but all I know is that Cloud woke up the next day, having fainted after the hot tub sequence.

Still, we wonder how can he be gay if he already gained the love of two beautiful women: Aeris and Tiffa. Well, one of them is dead and the other one is a bit too violent, so we can't really blame him. I bet that this piece of information will make you replay Final Fantasy VII or try its PSP version, perhaps even the remake for the PS3. Anyhow, here's how a famous gaming hero can ruin his reputation by dressing up as a woman, although he's the one that saves the planet in the end.

Here's a Cloud Strife tribute, done by a true fan of the hero:

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