Iran Tests Its Navy’s Ability to Fend Off Cyberattacks – Video

An attack was simulated as part of a six-day military drill

At the end of December 2012, Iran started conducting a six-day naval military exercise to see how well the country could defend its maritime borders. For the first time, the Velayat 91 drill also included cyber security exercises.

On the second day of the drill, a cyberattack against the Navy’s computer networks was simulated, Iran’s PressTV reported.

Officials claimed that the Navy’s cyber defense forces successfully managed to contain the attack whose main goal was to spread viruses and gather sensitive information.

Over the past few years, after being targeted by numerous cyberattacks believed to be launched by enemy states, Iran has taken considerable steps to improve its cyber capabilities.

One of these steps was the creation of the Navy’s cyber defense group, a unit specialized in detecting and countering cyberattacks.

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