Iran Might Be Behind the Attack on IAEA, Experts Say

Or it might be a group that shares the country's interests

After hackers that call themselves Parastoo – Iranian word for swallow (the bird) – have attacked the systems of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), many people rushed to conclude that this appeared to be the work of Iran, or at least an entity that shared the country’s interests.

According to The Daily Beast, Frank Cilluffo, the director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University, reveals that the individuals behind the IAEA incident are either the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps, or someone who shares their intentions.

“[…] this could be a cyber-assassin, a hired gun Iran has enlisted to do their bidding,” Cilluffo said.

Bob Gourley, the former CTO for the Defense Intelligence Agency, doesn’t directly point the finger at Iran, but he believes that Iran does have the capability to hit critical infrastructure.

Gourley also highlights the fact that this appears to be the work of sophisticated hacker teams, not “a bunch of kids.”

The owner of Cryptome, the site on which the hackers have published the data they stole, claims that it’s impossible to determine the location of the users who posted the information because they utilized anonymizer software.

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