iPhones Beware: Outrageous Gadgets for Sale on eBay

This gizmo will turn your life around, make your forget you ever wished for another

eBay is now selling state-of-the-art, greener-than-green gadgets that will change your life forever: pieces of cardboard shaped exactly like iPhones.

The specialists who designed and manufactured these environmentally-friendly gadgets have worked long and hard and have finally come up with the state-of-the-art features such as: no display, no camera and no video recording.

What we like most about them is that, because they are pieces of cardboard, their electricity demands are pretty much inexistent. So, no need to worry about negatively impacting the environment while recharging these little fellows.

Needless to say, they are entirely recyclable and biodegradable and quite cheap: about ₤1 ($1.60 / €1.24) each. If you have any greenheads in your family, you might consider buying one as a Christmas present.

Hurry up though, 'cause the really cool ones are bound to sell quicker than one might expect.

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