Alien Space Probes Are Probably Lurking in Our Solar System, Scottish Scientists Say

The researchers say human society does not yet have the technology to detect these probes

Scottish scientists at the University of Edinburgh believe that several alien space probes could be lurking in our solar system.

What's more, the only reason why we are not yet aware of their presence is that we lack the technology needed to detect them.

Our very own Voyager probe has recently completed its journey to the edge of the solar system.

Therefore, it makes sense that older civilizations that have been playing the space-exploration game for way longer than we have already have space probes up and running in various corners of the universe.

Provided that such civilizations even exist, that is.

Daily Mail reports that, according to these Scottish researchers, the alien probes that might be floating about in our solar system would have to be able to self-replicate.

Thus, they would have to be able to collect space dust and gas, and use them to build new versions of themselves.

If this were not the case, they probably would have never survived the long journey to our planet.

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