Introverts are Not Shy – Video Animation

A thought-provoking video conveys a deep reading into human behavior

An animation called The Power Of Introverts caught my eye today, because it relays a very deep and astute reading into human behavior.

The clip, uploaded by user dwlFilms and inspired by the book Quiet by Susan Cain, shows why being an introvert should not be socially condemned.

Makers first point out the differences between extroverts and introverts, as society sees them. We are all judged by our exterior, and, when it comes to not being outgoing, the judgment will be harsh.

A capitalist, consumerist society values an extrovert personality, that can make decisions fairly quick, even if they are the wrong ones, and likes to take chances.

Introverts are viewed as shy, but the creators of the video explain the two are not synonyms. Shyness involves fear of social interaction, while introversion makes people think more before they speak and be more selective in choosing their company.

The clip is well put together and makes you wonder where you rate on the introvert-extrovert scale.

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