Introducing SQL Azure

SQL Services get rebranded

Say goodbye to the Microsoft SQL Services and hello to SQL Azure. No, not the services themselves, just the brands. The Redmond company announced that it had rebranded SQL Services as SQL Azure. At the same time, in line with SQL Services being transitioned under the Azure umbrella brand, the SQL Data Services have also been rebranded and will be referred to as the Microsoft SQL Azure Database. The changes are effective immediately, the software giant stressed, and in fact visitors to the Azure Services Platform website will be able to notice that SQL Azure and the Microsoft SQL Azure Database are already referenced alongside .NET Services, Windows Azure and Live Services.

“This name change doesn’t reflect a change in the products themselves; we will still be providing a powerful relational database foundation to the Azure Services Platform. By standardizing our naming conventions, we’re demonstrating the tight integration between the components of the services platform. More intuitive names also help to reinforce the relationships between our on-premises and cloud solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to drive simplicity and clarity for customers as they consider on-premises and cloud computing approaches for solving their IT needs,” revealed a member of the SQL Server Team.

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, which is scheduled for next week, will bring with it additional news and updates associated with the company's Software + Services strategy. However, the rebranding has already been dealt with. Microsoft has not offered any information on whether the branch change will also expand the services available via SQL Azure beyond the current relational database service, dubbed the SQL Azure Database.

“Microsoft SQL Azure delivers on the Microsoft Data Platform vision of extending the SQL Server capabilities to the cloud as web-based services, enabling you to store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. SQL Azure will deliver a rich set of integrated services that enable you to perform relational queries, search, reporting, analytics, integration and synchronize data with mobile users, remote offices and business partners,” the Redmond company revealed.

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