Introducing Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0, Live OS for Workstations

The latest version of Instant WebKiosk/UB can be downloaded from Softpedia

Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0, a distribution designed for web kiosks and multi-user web workstations, such as schools, hotels, libraries, train stations and so on, has just been released.

Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0 is a live operating system that can boot straight from a USB device and it's browser only, which means that it will only display a browser and the normal users won't have access to the rest of the OS.

UB stands for Unrestricted Browsing and its name is pretty self-explanatory. According to the developers, Instant WebKiosk is a fully customizable distribution that aims to provide adequate security.

“Users can modify its settings runtime, but after a reset the operating system defaults to original values (except for persistent settings: network, localization and sound configurations persist across reboots) and users' informations are completely destroyed.”

“Closing browser window also resets system - in a less secure but quicker manner. It is hacker proof and completely immune to viruses and malware,” stated the official website.

The default browser used in this operating system is Google Chromium and comes with complete audio and video support, not to mention Adobe Flash support, PDF and images viewing, office files and compressed files support.

Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0 can also be used for extensive printing (plug&print for most USB printers and network printers need to be manually set) either wired or wireless.

The developers also provided a list of all the support formats: txt, html, xml, gif, jpeg, png, psd, mpeg, mp3, mp4, avi, wmv, wma, asf, mov, 3gp, ogg, ogm, mkv, rm, wav, dts, aac, flc, flv, midi, pdf, csv, doc, xls, ppt, docx, pptx, xslx, rtf, odt, ods, odp, and zip files.

Highlights of Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0:

• The build infrastructure has been changed;

• The ISO size has been reduced;

• A lot more Office type files are now supported;

• Some "Productivity" features were added.

For more details about this distribution, you should check the official website.

Download Instant WebKiosk/UB 4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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