Introducing FxMovieManager 6.1 Pre – a Movie Library Manager

Users can download the latest version of FxMovieManager from Softpedia

FxMovieManager, an application written to help users manage movie files and video clips, has just reached version 6.1 Pre.

FxMovieManager 6.1 Pre includes a twin-panel file manager, a playlist, and a simple frontend to Mplayer. Both the file manager and the play list can display thumbnails of movie files.

What sets FxMovieManager apart is the Twin-Panel File Manager function that allows uses to see movie thumbnails.

Those little thumbnail shortcuts can be used to play the movies and the videoclips inside the software, with the help of the simple Mplayer frontend that uses ffmepg.

Moreover, the application comes with 15 different themes and multiple language support (EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, RU, CN, JP, Custom).

The managing part of the software also benefits from FXArchive, a simple frontend to command-line archive utilities, and from FXScanVirus, a frontend to libclamav.

Highlights of FxMovieManager 6.1 Pre:

• The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 1.0 of the ffmpeg library;

• The internal player can now accept the relative video size command (i.e. x3.4, x3.1, x2.8 and so on);

• The player table can now accept files from both right and left file panels;

• Both left and right dirlist/filelist window size are now saved when quitting;

• The player dialog is now hidden when the internal player runs;

• A File Searching Engine able to present a list of files with matching name was added.

• The application can now be built with the "--disable-player" option that will disable the internal SDL/FFMPEG player building in order to avoid compatibility problems with different installed versions of the ffmpeg library;

• A building issue on Debian/Ubuntu OS family was fixed;

• Now the application can manage better libclamav error messages.

Check out the software changelog for a complete list of new features and updates.

Download FxMovieManager 6.1 Pre right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a beta version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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