Introducing Codename Atlanta - Cloud Monitoring of SQL Server Deployments

Microsoft is testing a new Cloud service designed to allow customers to make the best out of their SQL Server deployments.

The Community Technology Preview of codename Atlanta is now available for testing, offering proactive monitoring of SQL Server installations via the Cloud.

For the time being, the software giant is opening codename Atlanta to early adopters allowing them to test drive the new service.

“Microsoft Codename Atlanta ( is an online service that analyzes installations of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (and later versions) and provides proactive alerts to help you avoid system downtime and follow best practices with regard to configuration and usage,” revealed Microsoft’s Varun Dhawan.

The Redmond company did not provide a specific deadline related to the release to manufacturing of codename Atlanta.

At the same time, Microsoft failed to indicate what label will be used for Atlanta once the service will be offered to customers and the codename dumped.

“Today, database administrators (DBAs) have to spend a great deal of time and effort dealing with problems related to misconfiguration of Microsoft SQL Server.

“Microsoft Codename “Atlanta” is a configuration-monitoring cloud service that will help customers to reduce downtime and improve the performance of Microsoft SQL server deployments,” Dhawan said.

Early adopters interesting in testing codename Atlanta need to head over to the Beta site set up for the service and create an account.

Net they will also have to download and install the Atlanta gateway and agent, which will start monitoring their environments.

“This secure cloud service will help DBAs to:

•Proactively avoid problems with Microsoft SQL Server through ongoing monitoring and alerting of configuration from the cloud;

•Reduce downtime and improve performance of Microsoft SQL Server through proactive scanning for known configuration issues and comparison with best practices;

•Resolve issues faster by providing Microsoft, or your own support staff, the ability to get a current view of your configuration, changes that have been made, and use the most up to date solutions to solve the problems,” Dhawan added.

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