Intex Android Smartphone Coming Soon in India, Priced at Rs 5,500

Intex Mobiles, one of the major Indian handset manufacturers, has recently announced plans to launch its first Android smartphone in India. Furthermore, the device is expected to be the cheapest on the market, as it is priced at Rs 5,500.

Currently, Micromax A60 is the Android smartphone with the lowest price on the Indian market and it was launched at the end of November.

Intex's Android device is scheduled for an early 2011, as one of the company's officials stated that Indian fans of the mobile platform might be able to purchase it starting in February 2011.

Sudhir Kumar, assistant general manager of the telecom division at Intex, said, “We will launch an Android 2.2 phone in the first week of February and it will be priced at around Rs 5,500.”

Information about the phone's specs is scarce, but it is said to be equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera, 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen, WiFi connectivity and GPS with A-GPS support.

Intex Mobiles is the company that launched, in India, the first phone to feature a built-in projector, the V.Show.

In this regard, Sudhir also added, “Intex will launch four more models of V.Show - a mobile phone with built in projector, which was recently launched.”

The new variants of the V.Show will support Office applications and will not be limited to PowerPoint presentation files.

The V.Show comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, dual-SIM functionality, dual screen where phone and projector screens are simultaneously active.

Other key features of the projector phone include: dual camera and dual microSD card slot for memory expansion (up to 8 GB each), 64 MB of internal memory and FM Radio.

The phone can project up to 61 inches of screen/wall from a distance of 12 feet at a brightness level of 10 lumens and with QWVGA resolution.

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