Interview Magazine Presents the 20 Most Beautiful People of the Decade

Zac Efron, Jessica Alba and Robert Pattinson all make the cut

Paparazzi are long making the rule in Hollywood, bringing not only the latest snaps of our favorite celebrities, but also, in doing so, redefining our concept of glamour. Still, perhaps we should not forget that beauty also means the idealized image that we get by means of an artistic photo, which is why Interview magazine has decided to comprise a list of the 20 most beautiful people to have graced its pages over the last decade.

“In a decade when it has become daily ritual to witness our most famous, talented, and beautiful people in their gym sweats and flip flops at Starbucks, unaware of the long-lensed sniper in the bushes capturing them in exactly the angle of light and time of day that is maximally unflattering, we thought it’d be fitting to end the ‘00s with a glorious, glamorous look back at the 20 most beautiful people that have graced the pages of our magazine in the past 10 years. Sure, in an ideal world beauty would be apparent. But it doesn’t hurt to have makeup, hair, wardrobe, and a talented, sympathetic photographer,” Interview says in its latest number.

Starting the countdown at number 20 is Javier Bardem, followed by burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, a woman who single-handedly managed to change our perception of beauty by bringing something of old-school glamour back. Having dedicated her life to the art of “artificial beauty” as she calls her unique style, Dita has long ceased to be just a burlesque dancer, coming to be the epitome of what style and glamour are all about, the magazine says. Jake Gyllenhaal is next, a gorgeous man both for his rugged looks and his dedication to his art, which has, so far, pushed him to look for parts that are contrastingly different one from another.

At number 15, we find Pharrell Williams, a singer, songwriter and producer that is as versatile as he is brimming with talent. “At a certain point in 2003, almost half of the songs (43%) being played on American radio was produced by the Neptunes. Of this, the decade of the super-producer, Pharrell is the one doing it with the most style, musically and sartorially. Kanye is a fashion frenetic, but Pharrell has a sensibility that is all his own – even if we have to overlook the occasional pair of knee-length man boots. And how he finds time to design jewelry and a clothing line with all those hits to make, that’s beyond us,” Interview says of its choice.

The top 10 kicks off with Sienna Miller, followed by “Twilight” hottie Robert Pattinson who, as fans must surely know by now, first started in the industry as a model, a job he would often be extremely awkward when doing, he said on more than one occasion. At number 4, we find sweet Natalie Portman, an actress of whom even haters say they’re having a hard time trying to find fault with. Number 3 goes to Colin Farrell, the actor who conquered Hollywood with his solid movie performances and female stars with his irresistible charm and rough around the edges personality.

Another “Twilight” hottie lands at number 2, Ashley Greene. The top position goes to “High School Musical” heartthrob Zac Efron. “Before we got to him, the ‘High School Musical’ star was the squeaky-clean song-and-dance Disney showpiece with the ‘surreal’ beauty (as an admiring Robert Pattinson, no slouch himself in that department, once gushed). Now he’s starring in a serious movie (‘Me and Orson Welles’) that critics actually seem to like. Remember where Johnny Depp got his start?” Interview writes.

For the full breakdown on the 20 most beautiful people of Interview magazine, please see here.

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