“Interstellar” Trailer Snippet Leaks, See It Here Updated

First look at Chris Nolan’s 2014 film will be out with “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”

Chris Nolan has a new movie coming out in November 2014, “Interstellar,” and, as with every other project he’s ever been involved in, there is a lot of buzz around it. The official webpage and social media accounts went online hours ago but, as it turns out, there’s also a snippet from the trailer available.

The teaser trailer will debut ahead of “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” but, somehow, a snippet from it has ended up on Instragram and, if you’re looking to be thrilled by a very low-quality video, now’s your chance, because it is embedded below.

ComicBook.com has already seen the full teaser, and this is how it describes it:

“The Interstellar trailer starts off with clips from various old space missions, while Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper provides narration about the world’s need for exploration.

The footage from the actual film shows a closeup of Cooper’s face as he is driving. There is a flash of the gas tank of a beat-up, faded blue truck. There is also a flash of a child grabbing an adult’s hand, as the two stand in a cornfield and look up at a rocket blasting away in the sky. In a voiceover, Cooper says, ‘And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us’.”

From this description, you can tell the leaked video is legit. However, because of its poor quality, it really doesn’t reveal too much about the much anticipated film.

[Update]: Clearly, the leaked teaser trailer has been pulled. Check back for the official version.

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