Internet Explorer Still the Number One Browser for IT Workers

New stats claim that Microsoft’s in-house browser is more popular than Chrome

A new research rolled out by research firm Forrester reveals that Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer continues to be the number one browser for IT workers in the United States.

Forrester talked to 7,295 employees to find out about their choice when it comes to browsing the web, with 40.2 percent of them going for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 27.8 percent of the respondents picked Google Chrome, while Mozilla Firefox accounted for only 25.4 percent of the votes.

And still, it’s pretty difficult to decide which browser currently holds the leading spot on the market. Basically, it depends on who you ask.

Net Applications says that IE clearly dominates, while StatCounter claims that Google’s Chrome is the leader. But these figures aren’t surprising at all, Forrester said in the report.

“Whichever data source we use, the overall picture painted for I&O professionals comes out the same: Today, even when IT departments standardize around a particular browser brand and version, browser diversity is quite common in the enterprise,” Forrester VP and Infrastructure & Operations analyst J.P. Gownder said according to VentureBeat.

The latest figures provided by research company Net Applications for the month of March 2013 revealed that Internet Explorer 8 was the number one browser in the world, with a market share of 23.23 percent, followed by IE 9 with 20.62 percent and Firefox 19 with 13.55 percent.

Google’s very own challenger, Chrome 25, is only fourth with 13.42 percent, while Internet Explorer 6.0, an 11-year-old browser that Microsoft is so hard trying to get rid of, is fifth with 6.21 percent.

Overall, Internet Explorer is clearly the number one choice for 55.83 percent of computer users worldwide, Net Applications claims, while 20.21 percent of the customers go for Firefox. Only 16.45 percent of users decided to install Google Chrome.

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