Internet Explorer Still the Number One Browser, Firefox and Chrome Trailing Behind

Statistics shows that IE continues to dominate the browser world

Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer continues to be the number one browser offered to users, with statistics provided by third-party market researchers indicating that both Firefox and Chrome are still trailing behind.

Net Applications says that in November 2013, Internet Explorer 8 had the biggest market share, as it was spotted running on 21.74 percent of desktop computers worldwide.

Internet Explorer 10, the one offered as default to Windows 8 users and as an optional download to Windows 7 adopters, is the runner-up with 17.5 percent, having a major contribution to IE’s domination in the browser world.

Firefox 25 is the only non-Microsoft app that reached the podium with 10.43 percent, again followed by Internet Explorer, this time version 9, with 9.25 percent.

Chrome 31 and Chrome 30 come next with 6.77 percent and 5.94 percent, respectively, before coming across a new Internet Explorer build, version 6.0, which is still installed on 4.92 percent of the computers worldwide.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on these statistics, but we’re pretty sure that the tech giant is very pleased with them, especially because it’s very clear that Internet Explorer continues to dominate the browser world.

In the meantime, Redmond has also released a new version of Internet Explorer that’s installed by default in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 and also offered as an optional download to Windows 7 users.

Internet Explorer 11 is said to be the most advanced Microsoft browser to date, packing options that make browsing not only more secure, but also faster and more reliable. The touch-optimized version, for example, has been specifically optimized for longer battery life and increased page loading times, being able to handle up to 100 different tabs in the Modern UI of Windows 8.1.

You can download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 right now to find out what it brings new on the browser market.

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