Internet Explorer Still Number One, Both Firefox and Chrome Trailing Behind

Data shows that IE remains the dominant browser on the market

Microsoft will soon launch a new Internet Explorer version, but the existing builds are already leading the browser world in a pretty obvious way.

Statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications for the month of July 2013 show that Internet Explorer continues to be the top choice for computer users worldwide, as it now holds a market share of 55.98 percent.

Mozilla Firefox comes next with 20.63 percent, followed by Google Chrome with 15.74 percent.

Version-wise, Internet Explorer 8 is number one right now with 23.52 percent, but IE10 has grown so much lately that it’s now on the second position with 15.36 percent.

Firefox 22 is placed third with 11.67 percent, while another Internet Explorer version, this time 9, is fourth with 9.69 percent.

The ancient Internet Explorer 6 is still among the most popular browsers on the market, with a market share of no less than 6.10 percent.

Figures are indicating that Internet Explorer is actually increasing its market share, and the imminent arrival of a new version can only be good news for Microsoft fanboys.

Internet Explorer had a market share of 54.13 percent back in October 2012 when Windows 8 officially hit the shelves and it constantly improved it every month before eventually reaching a 55.14 percent in January this year.

July 2013 has brought a new record for Microsoft’s in-house browser, but stats are obviously expected to grow even bigger once the new Internet Explorer 11 hits the market.

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At this point, IE11 is already available for testing as part of the Windows 8.1 Preview release, but the stable version of the browser is expected to see daylight in the coming months when the operating system hits the RTM stage.

Of course, the browser packs lots of improvements, including better touch support and a faster engine, but click here to read our in-depth review of the Metro version of Internet Explorer 11.

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