Internet Explorer 9 Claims Top Position in Browsing Speed on Windows

The browsers' supremacy is based on analysis of Real User Performance Data

Internet Explorer 9 is currently said to be the fastest browser that Windows users can take advantage of on their personal computers.

A recent study coming from New Relic shows that IE9 can load web pages much faster than Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome, with an average loading time of 3 seconds.

The company behind this study says that they are analyzing Real User Performance Data, and that they are “currently monitoring about 750 million page views a day, 5 billion a week and 20 billion a month for 20,000 active accounts.”

No other details on how this data is collected have been offered, but New Relic notes that they actually have what can be seen as the “world’s largest database of application performance data in existence.”

The study, apparently based on the analysis of “690,000 page views per minute,” shows that Internet Explorer 9 is capable of loading pages half a second faster than rival solutions on Windows.

According to Microsoft, this report is in line with what other research firms have found: IE9 is capable of faster performance than Chrome or Firefox.

Back in January, a similar study from Strangeloop unveiled up to five percent faster performance for IE9 and Firefox when compared to Google’s Chrome browser.

“New Relic is well positioned to able to comment credibly on the state of web performance from the end user perspective due to its reach (monitors 150,000 unique domains on the internet) and its test methodology,” Ryan Gavin, general manager, Internet Explorer notes in a blog post.

He also notes that Microsoft is focused on ensuring that Internet Explorer is delivering great real world performance, especially when it comes to accessing popular websites out there.

“Ensuring that level of performance starts with our testing and performance facilities here at Microsoft. Our engineering team recently posted a thorough blog post explaining exactly how we test, measure, and engineer Internet Explorer so it is fast where it counts – on the web pages you visit every day,” Ryan Gavin concluded.

Internet Explorer 9 has become the most popular browser on Windows 7 a few months ago, and it appears that it could easily grow even more in usage due to its performance capabilities.

If you haven’t already, you can download it from Softpedia via this link.

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