Internet Explorer 12 to Boast a Completely Revamped Interface

Microsoft is working to make Internet Explorer a bit more appealing

Internet Explorer has already received several major updates in the last couple of years, but it appears that Microsoft is working on even bigger changes that could be introduced as soon as version 12.

While it's not yet clear whether Internet Explorer 12 would be part of the next Windows 8.1 update or Windows 9, a member of the IE team said in a recent post on Microsoft Connect that the upcoming build will feature a completely revamped interface specifically designed to make it more appealing and easier to use.

“Thanks for the feedback. We're making substantial changes to the UI, we'll keep this in mind. Best Regards, The Internet Explorer Team,” the Microsoft Connect post reads.

As Neowin is reporting, such a makeover would clearly come in handy to the desktop version of Internet Explorer, which has until now retained the original look and has only brought minor changes here and there as far as the user interface is concerned.

And still, it's not yet clear whether the post is referring to the desktop or the Modern version of Internet Explorer, as Microsoft has until now struggled to keep all details away from our eyes and ears.

The company, however, recently hinted in a blog post that some of the changes that could be part of Internet Explorer 12 will be made under the hood, so the future browser could be even faster and more secure as compared to the existing versions.

At the point, the IE team has a long list of features to work on, including media capture and streams, gamepad API, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), cross-domain font loading, pointer lock (mouse lock), arrow function, default parameter, symbols, and web audio API, according to a recent post.

“These features form a part of our commitment to delivering interoperable implementations for the latest features on the modern Web,” Microsoft explained a couple of weeks ago.

“The current list of features ‘in development’ is not an exhaustive representation of what we will deliver in the next version, but an indication of what we currently have highest confidence in delivering. There are several other features that we realize are very important and are working on a plan to support – stay tuned for more updates in the future.”

Depending on the launch date currently planned by Microsoft, Internet Explorer 12 could be here in either a couple of months or in about one year, as Windows 9 is very likely to hit the market in April 2015, according to report.

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