Internet Explorer 11: Windows 8.1 Start Screen Options, Improved Touch Support

Microsoft will introduce some new features in the next version of its in-house browser

Software maker Microsoft will officially roll out the new Windows 8.1 Preview on June 26 during the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, and together with it, the company will also release a testing version of Internet Explorer 11.

The new build of the company’s in-house browser obviously comes with several improvements, including a completely optimized for the touch experience to fully enhance browsing in Metro mode.

Little was known until now about Internet Explorer 11, but the debut of Windows Server 2012 R2 provided us with more details on what’s supposed to be a major improvement for the well-known Microsoft browser.

Screenshots posted on Twitter by Robert McLaws reveal that Internet Explorer 11 will be deeper integrated into Windows 8.1, so options to easily add a specific website to the Start screen will also be offered.

Whenever you load a website in Internet Explorer 11, simply enter the options menu and click on the “Add site to Apps” to create a dedicated tile on your Start screen that would later allow you to launch the page faster.

In addition, Microsoft has also worked to improve the overall touch support for the new version of the browser.

The “Advanced” configuration screen of the application now comes with an application to “Enable flip ahead with page prediction,” thus making it easier for consumers to use the browser on a tablet.

Last but not least, options to disable or enable the SmartScreen filter will also be displayed in the download manager, so you can control it without launching the configuration screen every time you need to do it.

Overall, Internet Explorer 11 is set to deliver a significantly improved browsing experience that’s going to be aimed at both Metro and desktop users.

Of course, full details will be unveiled tomorrow during the BUILD developer conference when Microsoft is set to publicly showcase the new Windows 8.1 Preview.

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