Internet Explorer 10 Named the Fastest Browser on Windows 8

New study reveals that IE 10 has a better response time than any other browser

Internet Explorer 10, the version that’s currently available for Windows 8 users exclusively, is the fastest browser on this new Microsoft operating system, according to a study released by New Relic.

IE 10 had a better response time than all the other browsers included in the survey, such as Firefox 15, Safari 5, Chrome 21, Opera 12 and Chrome 22.

What’s more, Internet Explorer 10 showed a notable increase over Internet Explorer 9, proving once again that Microsoft’s in-house browser gets faster with every new release.

While Internet Explorer 10 is currently compatible with the Windows 8 platform only, Microsoft promises to release a separate build aimed at Windows 7 users any time now.

A preview version of this release is expected to be unveiled this month, while the final app is very likely to see daylight in late December or early 2013.

“IE10 on Windows 7 has the same standards based platform for developers to target as IE10 on Windows 8. We built an entirely new browser with Windows 8, with more performance and developer capabilities,” Rob Mauceri, group program manager, Internet Explorer, said in a statement last month.

A different study rolled out in September by Strangeloop claimed that Internet Explorer 10 was at that point the fastest app in the entire browser market.

While some considered the results a bit surprising given that Firefox and Chrome are often rated as faster and more stable apps, Strangeloop said IE10 actually loaded pages 8 percent quicker than Google Chrome 20.

Review image
Internet Explorer 10 had a better response time than all the other browsers out there, including Firefox, Chrome and Safari. According to the study, the average page loading time for Internet Explorer 10 was 6.392 seconds, while Firefox was pretty close with 6.395 seconds. Google Chrome 20 was “the slowest” of the three, with an average time of 6.906 seconds.

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