Internet Explorer 10 Is the Fastest Browser, Better Than Chrome 20 and Firefox 13

New testing reveals that Internet Explorer 10 is 8% faster than Google Chrome

Website performance analysis company Strangeloop recently performed a new test with the most popular browsers on the Internet, revealing that Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest app of its kind at this moment.

No less than 2,000 retail websites have been included in the test, based on their ranking on Strangeloop used WebPagetest to measure page loading times of Google Chrome 20, Firefox 13 and Internet Explorer versions 7 to 10.

The results are a bit surprising, as IE10 was named the fastest browser on the Internet because it loads pages 8 percent quicker than Google Chrome 20. IE10 was also faster than Firefox 13, according to the long report released by Strangeloop.

The average page loading time for Internet Explorer 10 is 6.392 seconds, while Firefox comes second with 6.395 seconds. Google Chrome 20 is “the slowest” of the three, with an average time of 6.906 seconds.

What's more, Strangeloop says that websites are loading 9 percent slower than in 2011, despite the clear evolution of today's web browsers. This happens because pages feature much more complex content, including large and HD media files.

The only problem, however, with Internet Explorer 10 is that it is available only for Windows 8 users, as Microsoft hasn't (yet) released a standalone version of the browser. In addition, Windows 8 is not yet released, with the official event to take place in New York on October 25.

Microsoft, however, is delighted with the results and used this occasion to emphasize the improvements included in IE 10.

“We are thrilled Strangeloop Networks’ recent report validates IE10 delivers the best real world site performance, surpassing all other modern browsers. Real world performance is the most important factor in evaluating browsers and something that has been a focus for the IE team for some time. Many factors matter, including page load time of real world sites, which is why we are excited that IE10 delivers the fastest web experience for the world’s most popular sites according to Strangeloop Networks,” said Roger Capriotti, director of Internet Explorer.

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