Internet Explorer 10 Is a Much More Secure Browser – Security Expert

Security gurus praise Microsoft’s latest in-house browser

By on November 10th, 2012 20:41 GMT

Internet Explorer 10, the one that’s currently available for Windows 8 exclusively, is a much more secure version of the Microsoft browser, a security expert has confirmed a couple of days ago.

The InPrivate browsing tool, the App Container sandbox and the built-in Adobe Flash Player make Internet Explorer 10 a safer browsing environment, thinks Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research at Atlanta-based Damballa Inc.

"IE10 is much more advanced from a security context,” was quoted as saying by

Although it’s currently available on Windows 8 exclusively, Microsoft plans to release a dedicated build of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 users too. A preview version is going to be unveiled this month, while the final release of IE 10 for Windows 7 is going to be introduced in early 2013.


IE 10 will also be available on Windows 7
   IE 10 will also be available on Windows 7
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