Internet Explorer 10 Gains More Market Share in July, Now at 15.36%

The older IE7 and IE6 are losing ground at a slow rate

During July, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 browser has managed to increase its usage share by 1.84 percentage points, now accounting for 15.36 percent of the market, but still falling behind Internet Explorer 8, data coming from Net Applications shows.

IE10 has been growing steadily lately, but it seems that it has started to slow down, and chances are that it will start losing ground once Internet Explorer 11 comes out, provided that it will land on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, as The Next Web notes in a recent article.

In the meantime, however, IE10 strengthened its second position among the various flavors of Microsoft’s browser, yet it appears unable to get closer to IE8 faster, especially with the latter grabbing some 0.85 percentage points market share in July.

At the moment, this version of the application is the most used browser out there, accounting for 23.52 percent share on the market, it seems.

While IE10 and IE8 grew in July, Internet Explorer 9 lost 2.02 percentage points, and is currently enjoying only 9.69 percent market share.

The aging IE7 and IE6 browser versions lost some more ground in the time frame as well, though only 0.13 and 0.03 percentage points, respectively. At the moment, they account for 1.56 percent and 6.10 percent of the market.

For the past few years, Microsoft has been trying to determine users to move away from the older flavors of IE, which pose a great deal of security risks, and to adopt newer versions of the application, which are also optimized for the latest web standards out there.

However, the process appears to be a very slow one, and IE6 still hasn’t managed to drop to less than 5 percent market share, despite Microsoft’s efforts on the matter.

Overall, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had 56.61 percent market share in July, increasing its presence on the market by 0.46 percentage points when compared to June.

Net Applications’ data is based on the monitoring of some 40,000 websites, with over 160 million unique visitors each month.


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