Internet Explorer 10 Close to Becoming the Number One Browser Worldwide

Microsoft’s IE remains the dominant browser on the market

Even though Microsoft will soon debut Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, version 10 of the company’s in-house browser continues its growth, gaining more users every single month.

If we are to judge by Net Applications’ market share statistics, Internet Explorer 10 is very close to becoming the number one browser in the world, overtaking all the other builds currently available out there.

At this point, Internet Explorer 8 has a market share of 21.39 percent, while IE10 comes in second with no less than 19.45 percent of the market.

Chrome is the only non-IE browser on the podium, as 12.82 percent of computers were running this particular browser last month, while Firefox 23 is only fourth with 11.57 percent.

IE9 and IE6 are also among the most popular browsers out there with 9.45 and 4.86 percent of the market, respectively.

Internet Explorer 10’s growth should not be surprising at all. Microsoft has indeed installed IE10 as the default browser in Windows 8, but the company has also made this particular version available for users of Windows 7, currently the number one operating system in the world.

At the same time, Microsoft has aggressively promoted Internet Explorer, claiming that it’s the fastest, most reliable and the most secure browser ever released by the tech giant.

Windows 8 users are provided not only with the standard desktop version of the browser, but also with a Metro flavor that makes the most of the Modern UI and lets users browse the Internet using Internet Explorer.

At this point, IE10 is pretty much the only viable option for Windows RT and Windows 8 users who want to use Metro to browse the web, as Mozilla is still working on a Modern port of its application. Firefox Metro is scheduled to be released in January 2014.

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