International Nuclear Agency Hacked, Attackers Demand Investigation on Israel

The hackers published the email addresses of 160 experts working for IAEA

A hacker collective called Parastoo has leaked a list of over 160 email addresses it stole from a server of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – a Vienna-based organization that militates for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

IAEA representatives have confirmed for Reuters that the stolen information originates from an old server that has been taken out of use. They’ve also confirmed that the email addresses leaked by the hackers belong to experts who work with the agency.

According to the hackers, they’re on a mission to demonstrate that “Israel owns a practical nuclear arsenal,” despite the fact that the country is not allowed by international legislation to possess such weapons.

The hackers ask the individuals whose email addresses have been leaked to sign a petition demanding “an open IAEA investigation” into the activities at Dimona – an Israeli city located near the Negev Nuclear Research Center.

“We would like to assert that we have evidences showing there are beyond-harmful operations taking place at this site and the above list who technically help IAEA could be considered a partner in crime should an accident happen there,” the hackers stated.

“In such case, many people would like to at least ask some questions and Parastoo will publish whereabouts of every single one of these individuals alongside with bits of helpful personal and professional details.”

They claim that they have backed up all the IAEA data they’ve gained access to in order to prevent it from being destroyed, in case of a breach similar to the one suffered by Saudi Aramco.

They highlight the fact that they support IAEA’s work, but they cannot guarantee that other “western-favored elements” will not try to gain access to their systems.

The atomic agency is currently working on patching up its IT systems to ensure that no other information can be extracted.

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