Intelligent Systems Gain Much Ground by 2015

Embedded systems are growing into intelligent ones more and more

Intelligent systems are starting to account for an increasingly large part of the total electronic system units, and IDC believes that the embedded market has much to do with this.

Intelligent system is a moniker that has come to be applied to any system that has powerful processors, connectivity and an advanced operating system.

This means that PCs, professional systems and those machines used on the business and enterprise sector all fall under this category.

Some may have also noticed that embedded systems have also been growing in versatility and performance, essentially gaining the right to be called intelligent systems in their own right.

Upon studying this phenomenon, and the makeup of the market as it is today, IDC reached the conclusion that, as a whole, this segment will grow quite a bit over the next few years.

"At Intel, we believe the growth in intelligent systems signals the unprecedented transformation of a new wave of intelligent, connected solutions emerging from within the embedded industry with literally billions of devices connecting to the Internet every day," said Ton Steenman, vice president and general manager of Intel's Embedded Communications Group.

"We are passionately engaged in making the intelligent connected world a reality by working to create end-to-end solutions from the device to the communications infrastructure to the cloud and data center."

By 2015, embedded system will cover about 14.5 million of all microprocessor cores, IDC says, leading to intelligent systems accounting for a third of all systems, not just 19% like in 2010.

"The cloud is the essential link that enables the conceptual 'Internet of Things' to be pervasive," said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft Corp.

"When the availability of cloud computing is coupled with remarkable advances in specialized devices and an ever-growing number of touch points for collecting data throughout a company, a critical mass of capabilities emerges. We see devices breaking new ground for the collection of data, and we are excited to expand the possibilities for where that data is sent and how it is used through intelligent systems."

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