Intel to Build $4 Billion 14nm Chip Plant in Ireland by 2015

The factory will have a total floor area of 2,635,200 square feet / 244,818 square meters

Some precise information has finally appeared regarding the manufacturing facility that Intel will build for 14nm processor.

Currently, the company has 22nm as the most advanced CPU technology node.

Chipzilla intends to jump to 14nm by 2015 though, which is why it has initiated construction plans for a fab in Ireland.

The facility will create 3,500 construction jobs and 800 full-time jobs once the factory is complete.

The Ireland plant is one of three that will produce 14nm chips from 2015 onwards.

2,635,200 square feet / 244,818 square meters is the total floor area. Of that, the three-story main fabrication plant will have a floor area of 1,085,000 square feet / 100,800.

In addition to the workspace, there will be buildings for boiler/chiller, facility support, a water treatment building, and emergency generation and electrical buildings. Liquid chemicals and waste water will go in a completely different facility.

Operations will be carried out alongside the other existing buildings and infrastructure that Intel owns.

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