Intel’s Summer Ivy Bridge Lineup Detailed

The Core i7 Mobile is now everything from mid-end to high-end to extreme performance

On June 3rd, Intel will reportedly launch four desktop Core i5 processors. These are the Core i5-3570, Core i5-3470, Core i5-3570S, Core i5-3475S quad-core desktop processors.

These well-performing CPUs have no HyperThreading and come with a large 6 MB or level 3 cache and a Turbo option of 3800 MHz.

Pricing will range between 184 USD and 205 USD. That would be around 143 EUR to 161 EUR for the European buyers; however, these CPUs are not yet launched.

On the mobile side, Intel’s promised mobile Core CPUs using Ivy Bridge architecture are the Core i7-3520M, Core i5-3360M and Core i5-3320M.

These are all dual-core mobile processors, and the Core i7-3520M comes with 4 MB of level 3 cache and HyperThreading technology to be able to handle four threads at a time.

The default frequency is 2900 MHz with a Turbo option of only 3600 MHz when just one core is highly charged.

The maximum heat dissipation is 35 watts and the HD 4000 iGPU will run at 650 MHz, with a Turbo option of 1250 MHz.

It is quite disturbing how Intel’s shameless branding brought the i7 sticker to some mid-performing dual-core parts.

We believe that a great number of uninformed buyers will buy these, thinking they’re getting high-end performance.

The Core i5-3360M and Core i5-3320M have mostly the same characteristics, but they lose 25% of the level 3 cache.

These CPUs are only equipped with 3 MB or level 3 cache and have maximum Turbo speeds of 3500 MHz and 3300 MHz, respectively.

The same HD 4000 graphics iGPU is present with the same default frequency, but with a 50 MHz lower Turbo frequency of “just” 1200 MHz.

These mobile CPUs will be priced at 346 USD, 266 USD and 225 USD, respectively. Those translate in 270 EUR, 208 EUR and 176 EUR for the potential European buyers, but know that these are OEM prices.

Like we said before, it's hard to understand how these CPU prices could bring down the UltraBook prices.

There are two more processors, the Core i7-3367M and Core i5-3427M UltraBook CPUs slated at 346 USD and 225 USD, but there is no info available on these models yet.

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