Intel's Revenue for 2012 Is $53.3 Billion, Profit Is $11.0 Billion

That means 40 billion and 8.26 billion Euro, respectively

One would think that $53.3 billion would be a record revenue, and that $11 billion would, again, be a record profit, but for Intel this is not the case. The company's finances actually slipped in 2012.

The revenue (40 billion Euro) is down 1% compared to 2011, and below what Intel expected of last year.

The net income (8.26 billion Euro) took a bigger dive, of 15% compared to two years ago.

The main reason for this poor showing (if so many billions can ever be considered a poor showing) is the decreasing interest in PCs.

Servers and data centers have begun to pick up the slack but it wasn't enough. Intel really needs to get its act together on the tablet and smartphone markets.

For those who want more specifics, the data center revenue was up 6% year-over-year, thanks to the evolution of the Internet cloud segment.

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