Intel’s MICA Luxury Wearable Looks Like It Stepped Out of Vogue

The new smart bracelet won’t come cheap and will be sold for under $1,000 / €761

The wearable ecosystem is expanding at a super-fast pace, but one thing that consumers have been constantly complaining about since their advent is that most of these products don’t really appeal to our aesthetic senses.

Smartwatches are big and bulky, while wearable bracelets are fad and plasticky. Sure, in recent months some Kickstarters projects have been trying to conjure up wearables that might in theory appeal to the most ardent fashionista. One example is HP, a company that announced a luxury smartwatch designed in collaboration with a prominent designer.

While we wait to see the HP timepiece become a reality, Intel is tempting style-lovers with a product of its own. It’s a smart bracelet that goes by the name of MICA and judging by the first promo pictures, we can say it looks quite awesome and high fashion (the shots look like they have been taken for Vogue).

Intel has partnered up with Barneys New York to create this piece of wonder, so the company is aiming big here. So don’t expect MICA to come with an affordable price-tag because this will not be the case.

So if you want to be high-fashion, but at the same time follow the latest trends in the tech industry, you’ll have to take around $1,000 / €761 out of your bank account.

MICA stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory and is quite exquisite. Intel and Barneys will be selling it in either black and white snakeskin designs.

One will have water-snake skin, pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar, while the other will offer water-snake skin, tiger’s eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia. It sounds like it’s all taken from a magical fairytale, to be honest.

As or the technical specifications of the bracelet, this jewelry piece will come with a 1.6-inch curved sapphire touchscreen display, which will be used to display notifications and 3G radio. So basically, you’ll be able to use the bracelet in concert with your smartphone or not, the choice is up to you.

Last but not least, we have to tell you that the luxury wearable will support wireless charging. The device will see the light of day for the first time at the Opening Ceremony for the spring/summer 2015 fashion show this weekend, during the Fashion Week in New York.

Intel is following the footsteps of Google and other notable wearable manufacturers in the industry that are pushing towards fashion and style. For example, the search giant has recently partnered up with designer Diane von Furstenberg to produce a fashionable version of its controversial Glass product.

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